About us

About us

Ouwerkerk International has been providing repatriation services for more than 50 years from our centrally located, well-equipped funeral home in Utrecht. Our reliable and flexible team is at your disposal 24 hours a day, all year round.

Our team

From our office in Utrecht, our experienced Ouwerkerk International team works around the clock to plan and coordinate the repatriations. From arranging the necessary documents, to booking flight tickets for those accompanying the deceased: you can rely on us.

With care and respect

We have the highest regard for the cultural and religious backgrounds of our clients. Our members of staff make sure that care of the deceased is provided for in accordance with the wishes of the deceased, their family and the international standards for repatriation.

Qualified and competent

The members of staff of Ouwerkerk International are well-trained in their language-skills and up-to-date with the international guidelines and legislation. Furthermore, we are licensed to perform the required security checks for air transport ourselves, thus saving time and costs.

Well-equipped funeral home

We can welcome both small and larger groups in the light and modern visitors rooms of our funeral home in Utrecht. There is a special area where ritual washings can take place. From providing food and drinks for your guests, to religious counselling with a spiritual leader of your denomination, we will assist you with anything you may require.